Welcome to Tasman Dollar Rewards!

Join our frequent shopper loyalty discount program to earn discounts when you shop.

**Please allow 24 hours for your account to be activated in store**

How it works:

  • Collect points every shop
    You'll collect 1 point for every* dollar spent, each and every time you shop and check in to your account.
  • Be rewarded
    Every time you collect 200 points, you'll enjoy $10 off your shop! Or save up your $10 rewards, to enjoy off a future shop.
  • No membership card needed
    Just provide your mobile number to the Tasman team member at the checkout counter, to locate your Rewards account.
  • Tasman Specials Email
    By signing up to Tasman Dollar Rewards, you agree to receive email communications about our latest specials, exclusive offers, recipes and much more. After receiving the first email, you can opt out at any time.